Scarlett Raven

Scarlett Raven is a collected painter with a number of successful London exhibitions on her CV.

Once again, using cutting edge technology to push the boundaries of art, Crown Chairman Marc Marot introduced Scarlett to augmented reality company, Blippar, and with the company’s sponsorship, we have now launched the worlds first Augmented Reality artist!

Following the launch of Scarlett Raven’s groundbreaking augmented reality exhibition ‘The Danger Tree’ in London’s Greenwich, Crown arts is delighted to report that all of the original art sold for record prices within the month that the London exhibition was held. The exhibition moves to Birmingham’s Mail Box building on September 1st, however it’s anticipated that by the time it opens all 1110 limited edition items will have sold out. 

The exhibition launched on July 1st 2016 to coincide with the theme within the art: the Battle of the Somme. It’s the rare art exhibition that can make people weep which was the consistent reaction from those who experienced the installation. 

The critical reception was exceptional, with every single review acknowledging that not only is the exhibition the first of its kind, but is also pioneering and ground breaking too. You can read the BBC Arts review here.

Crown Chairman Marc Marot started out as Scarlett’s manager in 2013, however following the securing of a major exhibition (The Eleventh Hour) Marot further introduced her the concept of augmented reality. Their creative relationship morphed into a full creative partnership with Scarlett handling the paint and Marc the pixels and digitalisation. In 2016 Raven and Marot raised a fund to create the Danger Tree exhibition as an installation, commissioning award winning film set designer Kave Quinn to design the shell of a destroyed provincial French art gallery on the eve of the launch of the greatest battle the world has ever know. The paintings hung on the only walls still standing. Scarlett was interviewed at the opening of the exhibition, you can view the interview here.

Scarlett’s gallery, Castle Fine Art, have commissioned a further ten original paintings and will extend the limited edition print run to allow for the rise in demand when the exhibition moves on to Manchester and Liverpool later in the year.