Doctor Mike

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski D.O. is a third year family medicine resident focusing on family and preventative medicine at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ. He is also a social media entrepreneur and philanthropist. Better known as ‘Doctor Mike,’ he started documenting his medical journey through social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter but most importantly, Instagram. Today, he has over two million followers and counting. He uses his social media influence to motivate students from all over the world to pursue medical training as well as educating on primary healthcare topics with a lighthearted, unique approach.

Currently Doctor Mike is focused on giving back by speaking at events (Columbia University, iHeartRadio Lifestyle/Health Expo), television programs (Doctors Show, Dr. Oz), and charity events (SU2C, Susan Komen). He focuses on stressing the importance of preventative medicine, highlighting his experiences through his unique journey and motivating millions along the way.

Doctor Mike has been published in several esteemed medical journals, is a contributor to several popular online publications (Livestrong, Women’s Health Magazine), as well as a writer authoring a section in Magil’s Medical Encyclopedia. In addition to his social media entrepreneurship, Doctor Mike launched his own charity, The Limitless Tomorrow Foundation’. Established in late 2015, LTF aims to break the financial barrier for unique and capable individuals in order to achieve their unique goals.