Arthur Williams

Arthur has established himself as one of the most exciting new broadcast talents working on TV who’s programmes have won universal praise.  Originally identified by Channel 4, Arthur received rave reviews for his presentation of Channel 4‘s Paralympic Games 2012 as well as being named by Bafta as a ‘break through brit’ and nominated for a Grierson award for ‘best documentary presenter’.

2016 saw the return of Arthur as the presenter of Channel 4’s second series of Flying To The Ends Of the Earth; this time Arthur fly’s into some of the world’s most remote and inaccessible locations, taking in Siberia, The South Pacific Islands and the Peruvian jungle.  Later this summer he will be one of the channel’s presenters for their Paralympic Games coverage from Rio.    

In the summer of 2013 Arthur made his first breakthrough as a factual presenter on Channel 4 using his knowledge and passion for military history as a reporter for the widely acclaimed two part series D-Day As It Happened.  Arthur followed this up with a 60 minute authored documentary, The Plane That Saved Britain. The film centred on Arthur’s love for the unheralded World War II aeroplane The De havilland Mosquito.

As a Royal Marine serving with both Lima Company 42 Commando and 6 Assault Squadron, Arthur was an active and extremely fit individual. He served in Sierra Leone aboard HMS Albion and was specially trained as a signaler in sophisticated military communications and data transfer.

However a severe car crash in 2007 resulted in Arthur being paralysed from the waist down. Courageously he has rebuilt his life and set his sights on an active career in the media.

In 2009 having spent time training with friend and world record holder Micky Bushell Art entered the Birmingham wheelchair marathon and won. He then spent 4 months in 2011 training with the GB cycling development squad alongside friend and Beijing wheelchair athlete Brian Aldis.

While searching for new challenges Arthur went back to his childhood dream; he had always wanted to be a pilot and started to set his sights on gaining a pilot’s licence. While researching he came across a charity based in Hampshire then called Aerobility. Before long Arthur had taken his first trial lesson and was hooked. He subsequently went on to gain his private pilot’s licence and a class one medical from the civil aviation authority. Art is still flying and gaining new qualifications all the time, a skill that he has since been put to good use for TV.

2015 saw the broadcast of Arthur’s first series of Flying to the Ends of the Earth, the new 3-part series from Blast! Films for Channel 4, saw Arthur fly to some of the world’s smallest and most dangerous landing strips to find out why people want to live at the ends of the earth, and discover how tiny planes are opening up the planet’s most remote and most beautiful wildernesses.